Dos Commas Club: NFT Registry for Accredited Investors

Whitelisting blockchain assets is no cardinal sin, and in many cases, a necessity in order to make investment offerings. While we remain optimistic on the progressive arc of securities regulation reform, these laws loom large on companies that want to raise funds and avoid compliance heartburn.

Enter Dos Commas Club: a whimsical yet useful device to bring accredited investors onboard with KaliCos and the greater DAO ecosystem.

The Club is limited to 100 members to showcase early supporters, and the first 3 have been minted, to MetaCartel Ventures, The LAO, and an angel investor. 97 seats remain to get a commemorative NFT, and entry is free if you pass a verification check (all information will be kept confidential).

Among immediate benefits to holding this NFT are (i) publishing your status on-chain and allowing more DAOs to receive your investments, (ii) getting added to the KaliCo whitelist that will plug into DAO extensions, such as token sales, and (iii) again, you get a dope NFT.

For developers, the NFT contract is published here, and is an implementation of our own minimalist ERC721 design. In terms of modifications, Club NFTs are non-transferrable and have mappings to record updates in the validity of the accreditation check after time expires.

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We welcome feature requests and feedback on our vision for more affordable and efficient DAO-run businesses.

If you would like to participate in beta testing or are a service provider interested in joining our network, reach out .

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